GF Private Equity Group, LLC

A Southern Ute Company

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GF Private Equity Group exists to advance the financial goals of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and its members by building a growing, diversified portfolio of private market investments.

Growth Fund Office Building
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Company Overview

GF Private Equity Group, LLC is one of several component companies of the Southern Ute Growth Fund – a diversified investment and business management organization owned by the Southern Ute Indian Tribe.  The Tribe has achieved extraordinary financial and business success, having earned a triple-A rating from the Fitch and Standard & Poor’s rating agencies and amassing a considerable investment base.  The Southern Ute Growth Fund is the business investment arm of the Tribe.

Since its inception in 2003, the management team of GF Private Equity Group has made commitments to leading private equity, growth equity, special situations, and venture capital funds.  We focus on funds headquartered in North America and Europe.